We are offering the various types of O-Rings for use in the various commercial and industrial applications. The offered rings are very safe for use and made available in various types and sizes as per the need.
Seal Kits
We are offering the various kinds of Seal Kits for use in the various industrial applications. These kits are wide in demand in several industries like automotive, mining, oilfield, chemical processing and marine. They are very efficient.
Sealing Ring
The offered Sealing Ring is made available by us in various types for use in the different purposes as per the need. These rings are used to protect bearing position against spray water, contaminants and excessive loss of grease.
Chevron Packing
We are providing the high quality Chevron Packing for use in the heavy industries. This seal is specially made to sustain low and high pressure, harsh conditions and any kind of misalignment between sealing gaps.
We are offering the high quality coupling for use in the various industries. They are applicable for automobile, electrical and mechanical industries to transfer power from one shaft to another and many other applications. They are very safe and efficient.
Rubber Seals
The offered Rubber Seals are very effective and made for use in a number of industries. The offered seals designed for joining assemblies together in order to prevent leakage and exclude contamination or contain pressure.
Rubber Cords
There are various types of Rubber Cords that are made available by us for use in the various industries. They are installed in doors and windows for avoiding dust, dirt, water and insects from coming inside.
Quality rubber and silicone gaskets are available here. These gaskets are widely used in various applications and industries, such as automotive, aerospace, containers, marine, drug processing equipment and industrial & utility pipelines.
Rubber And Silicon O Ring
All the rubber and silicon O rings available here are assured of the finest quality. The silicone versions of the products are known for having good resistance against the factors of hot air, UV radiation, animal & vegetable fats and oils, etc.
JCB Seal Kit
The JCB Seal Kits are made by using materials like PTFE, rubber and polyurethane. These are used in earthmoving equipment, which are commonly present in the coal industry and mines. Apart, the JCB seal kits are also used in oil and cement industries.
Hydraulic Jack Kits
The range of hydraulic jack kits is assured to have excellent quality features, especially in the harsh temperature and pressure settings. These kits are made using the best materials, which ensures their durability and perfect fit.

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